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Zone Perfect
  GallonA premium pre-spray that is perfect for all types of synthetic carpets and some wool carpets. Contains detergent polymers for funtionality that impart additional anti-soiling characteristics. Also contains polymers that disperse soil and do not attract residues. (Per gallon pricing). $ 39.55
Flex with Citrus Solv
  6.5 lbA powder form of the Bridgepoint lines strongest pre-spray (Flex), specifically made for severly soiled carpets and ground in dirts combined with the citrus cleaning booster of Citrus Solv.

Ideal for apartments, synthetic commercial carpets and heavy walkways. A special blend of surfactants, alkaline builders and boosters in one. (Per 6.5 lb jar)
$ 39.67
Citrus Solv
  EachBoosts the cleaning power of your presprays with 100% active citrus solvents that instantly desolve grease and oils. Citrus Solv can also be used as a spotter to help remove such difficult problems as chewing gum, tar, grease, cosmetics,crayon,lipstick and many other oil based stains - all while leaving a pleasant orange scent behind. Product is also safe on wool carpets. (Per gallon pricing).$ 56.50
  EachOdor counteractant contains odor neutralizers that attack the sources of the more challenging odors while adding additional cleaning agents.

Deodorizers in Spice, Lemon or Cherry are used at the end of each cleaning process to add a fresh pleasant odor to your homes carpet and water-safe upholstery. (Per gallon pricing).
$ 33.00
Odor-X Urinse
  EachAn odor pre-spotter that is an effective and safe acid-based cleaning concentrate to remove acid salts from pet urine. Deodorizes and prepares surfaces for additional cleaning and deodorizing

Removes all stages of urine residue from soft and hard surfaces. Used in conjuction with Un-Duz-It or the more powerful Hydrocides. (Per gallon pricing).
$ 26.50
Hydrocide Xtreme
  EachNeutralizes odors by binding, bonding, encapsulating and absorbing odors associated with humans, animals, food, chemical processes and smoke. Leaves a 'green' scent in the treated environment and can be used to treat odors on any water safe surfaces. (Per pint pricing).$ 21.25
End Zone Emulsifier & Neutralizer
  Each   End Zone emulsifier is used in the extraction of carpet and upholstery pre-sprays. Leaves carpets and fabrics soft to the touch with no resoiling residue. Eliminates wicking of deep stains and soil and then neutralizes carpets to a slightly acid pH to help prevent future browning, wicking and resoiling. $ 0.00
Power Point Extraction Emulsifier
  EachFor a powerful extraction used in conjuction with Flex pre-spray for the more challenging jobs. Doubles the emulsifier to fully rinse the heavy soils and grease from commercial or deeply soiled carpets.

Won't leave soil attracting residue behind, dissolves instantly, gives a squeaky clean rinse and won't harm equipment. (Per gallon pricing)
$ 25.92
Spot & Stain Remover
  EachStart with the best customer service by pre-treating noticable spots prior to your pre-sprays. Home Pro is a general spot remover that removes even blood from carpets and upholstery and is effective with a soft brush and damp rag at removing almost any surface stains. Makes a great gift!$ 5.50
Viper Venom
  EachPre-treatment for your tile with a high alkaline cleaner that is loaded with surfactants, solvents and builders that allow it to cut through years of built up grease, oils, filth and stains. (per gallon pricing).$ 25.55
  EachUsed as a disinfectant solution in resoration situations such as mold remediation, sewage decontamination and trauma scene clean-up. Sporicidin is EPA registered to clean, disinfect and deodorize in one step and provides continual antimicrobial protection for up to 6 months. Used in conjuction with Sporicidin wipes and sealant for mold remediation. (Per gallon pricing).$ 39.95


Tile Cleaning

We use the most effective tile and grout cleaner in the business today, the Hydro-Force SX-7 can pump up to 1200+ PSI of circular spray onto the pretreated surface to clean even the toughest tile & grout stains. Used in conjuction with Viper Venom and Power Point Extraction.

$ 0.40
Carpet, Linoleum, Hardwood Floor Steam Cleaning

The truck mount steam unit elimnates the need for heavy tank units that do not have the suction or PSI capacity to power through the tough cleaning jobs. It can clean 3 floors or more, depending on the hose length needed, without power loss or heavy lifting of tank units. It carries a 100 gallon waste water tank that allows continual non-stop delivery and suction of emulsion solutions and can heat the water to 200+ degrees for better steam delivery. Allows for quicker more efficient jobs where a 5-10 gallon tank system must be continually dumped, refreshed and reheated.

The carpet wand can withstand all pressure adjustments needed to handle any carpet pile. With heavy vacuum suction that removes all but a trace of moisture and delivering the required amount of emulsifier to remove the soaps and soils from your floors. Your carpets will be dry faster and free of residue.

The Linoleum & Hardwood wand uses the same effective suction and emulsion delivery as the Carpet Wand but with a rounded face and rubber base for flat surface jobs. It will not scratch or damage surfaces like the metal corners and edges of the Carpet Wands.

$ 40.00
Stair Cleaning

The furniture and stair tool uses the same process as the Carpet Wand but in a convenient smaller and more mobile size. It effectively delivers the rinsing agents and suction needed to clean upright & tight areas such as staircases and furniture.
$ 3.00
Wrap Around Couches
  Each   Price per full unit wrap around couches. No leather please$ 150.00
  Each   Single couches 6 ft to 8 ft in size$ 60.00
Furniture - Loveseats
  Each   Loveseats & double chairs$ 50.00
Furniture - Chairs
  Each   Fully upholstered chairs$ 30.00
Furniture - Chairs
  Each   Upholstered kitchen chairs and benches, foot stools and seating stools.$ 10.00
Carpet Raking

Raking prior to steam cleaning is beneficial if carpet is severly soiled and the pre-spray cleaners are worked into the soiled areas.

Raking after picks up the carpet surface fibers that have been cleaned to remove lines and footprints on wet carpet. It allows the carpet to 'stand up', giving a better drying appearance as well as faster drying times.

$ 10.00
  Each   Prior to steam cleaning if vacuuming is needed, we will be glad to help.$ 10.00
Rugs - Small
  Each   Small throw rugs measuring 2' X 3'$ 5.00
Rugs - Medium
  Each   Medium throw rugs measuring 3' X 5'$ 10.00
Rugs - Large
  Each   Large throw rugs measuring 4' X 6'$ 15.00
Rugs - X-Large
  Each   X-Large throw rugs measuring 6' X 8'$ 25.00
Fan Drying
  Each   If you need to have your carpets dry faster then the 2-4 hours necessary or if you have an area in your home where moisture has accumulated, we will be glad to bring our commercial drying machine to help speed up the drying process. $ 20.00
Pet treatment

Prior to steam cleaning, if there are areas in your home where pets have been or have had 'accidents' we can pre-treat those areas with our pet zone and hydrocide order eliminators.

(Note: In extreme cases of pet odor damage where carpet and/or pad is effected..front and back sides of carpet can be cleaned and pad replaced). Call for quote.
$ 20.00
Stain Treatment

Let us remove those stubborn stains with our state of the art stain removal processes. If the fiber has not been bleached or damaged, we can help.

(Note: treatments do not guarantee full removal of stain)
$ 15.00
Website Coupon
  Each   Just for visiting our website - we offer $20.00 off our services. $ 20.00

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